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David Gusset
Maker of Violins, Violas and Violoncellos

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Each of my instruments is made entirely by hand, adhering to the ideals and the working methods of the early Italian masters, and embodying the highest standards of craftsmanship. Each instrument I make is a unique artistic creation--an original composition of harmony of line, form, color and materials. The tone qualities I seek are those of deeply satisfying warmth, richness and complexity, qualities often associated with older Italian instruments. Tonal richness is the secret to exceptional carrying power. As an artist, I feel a moral and social responsibility to create works that speak a universal language of beauty -- beauty inspired by nature -- that stand the test of time.

Represented on this site are photos of my work, shop notes and drawings, answers to the most frequently asked questions, a discussion of the numerous skills necessary to be a violin maker, a brief history of early Italian violinmaking, and proof that the art of violin making was not, after all taken with Stradivari to his tomb. An unbroken tradition, begun over four centuries ago still continues even in Eugene, Oregon.

David Gusset

Born in San Francisco in 1951.

Began studies of violin playing and art at the age of six.

1974 - May, 1977, early alumnus and graduate of the School of Violin Making in Salt Lake City, Utah under Paul Hart and Peter Prier.

1977 through 1978, employed as a violin restorer in the San Francisco workshop of Frank Passa, former pupil of Simone Fernando Sacconi.

1979, opened own workshop in San Francisco.

1990, moved family and business to Eugene, Oregon.

Since 1989, owner and restorer of the historic c. 1870 "A.V. Peters House", a landmark of architectural and historical significance in the state of Oregon and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of:

The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and the
Entente Internationale des Maitres Luthiers et Archetiers d'Art

In international competitions since 1978, Gusset's instruments have consistently won critical acclaim for their exceptional beauty, craftsmanship, and tone from the world's leading violin experts.

He makes both "new" instruments modeled after classic instruments and "antiqued" copies. In addition to his violin making, he has carried out detailed illustrations, photo documentation and geometric studies of many fine old instruments, including commissions by the Smithsonian Institution of Washington, D. C. and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and is a contributor to STRINGS Magazine.

Awards and Honors:

First Prize/Gold Medal for violin making at the 1985 "Antonio Stradivari" International Triennial Violin Making Competition in Cremona, Italy. Instrument acquired for permanent display in the Antonio Stradivari Museum in Cremona, Italy. (First prize out of 212 violins from 31 countries... the only American to ever win this honor.)

Simone Fernando Sacconi Award (special award among all 339 instruments from 31 countries) for "the instrument most representative of classical Cremonese ideals", Stradivari Triennial Competition. Cremona, Italy 1985.

First Prize for cello making at the violoncello making competition sponsored by the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers in conjunction with the 1986 American Cello Congress, Bloomington, Indiana.

Also -- Three gold medals in international violin making competitions sponsored by the Violin Society of America, 1978 - 1980.

Designated hors concours by the Violin Society of America, 1984.

Prize winner at violin making competitions at New York's Lincoln Center, 1984; Bronze Medal in Paris, France International 1991 and prize for workmanship at 1st Louis Spohr International competition in Kassel, Germany, 1983.