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Studies of Classical Instruments

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MY METHODOLOGY begins with studies of great historic instruments, particularly those of the 16th, 17th and 18th century Italian craftsmen. As a maker and restorer, I have had the unique privilege of working with and documenting many such instruments in the possession of dealers, musicians, museums and private collections. These include commissions by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco for renderings and documentation of the Axelrod Stradivari quartet of decorated instruments and the Jascha Heifetz Joseph Guarneri violin. By first hand study of the finest historic instruments and by the application of classical methods and materials in my new creations, I hope to help preserve a cultural and musical heritage and thus keeping the great music alive for future generations.

Scroll of violin by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu, 1735, known as the Ex-Hammig
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Scroll of viola by Pietro Giovanni Mantegazza, Milano, 1791.
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Scroll of violin by Giuseppe Guarneri figlio d'Andrea
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Violin scroll by G. B. Guadagnini, Torino,1779, known as the "Salabue"
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Scroll of violin by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu, Cremona, 1742, known as "Ex-Jascha Heifetz" / "Ex-Ferdinand David"
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Head of bass gamba by Barak Norman, 1703.
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