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Instrument Appraisals

Here is some basic information about getting your instrument and/or bow appraised.

To locate your nearest violin expert/appraiser in the U.S. or Canada, look up the web site of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers Within the site you will find a directory of members listed by state.

Most appraisers charge a fee for a verbal appraisal which is based on a percentage of the value of the instrument as determined by the appraiser.   Fees will typically run between $35.00 (minimum) and about $200.00 (maximum).   Additional instruments or bows are often included at a discounted rate.   Written appraisals are extra.   Photo appraisals are the least expensive, however, photo appraisals are also the least accurate, but can help determine if an instrument or bow merits closer examination.

My appraisal fees are as follows:

Appraised value Verbal Written
Up to $2,000 $35 $70
$2,100 - $10,000 $60 $95
$10,000+ $85 $120

Additional bow or instrument     Reduced rate
Update appraisals       Half

Photo appraisals
$20 first instrument or bow
$10 second instrument or bow
$5 each additional instrument or bow

For a photo appraisal of an instrument, please send clearly focused (non-blurry) photos of the front, back and side of the body plus views of the front, back and side of scroll.   For bows, please send one side view of the whole bow (left side or side facing the player), and one left side close-up view of the head and one left side close-up view of the handle end of the bow including frog and button.   Please include written copies of any label or brand-stamp on the instrument or bow.   Send your check with the photos and a S.A.S.E. (if you want your photos back).   I will either contact you by e-mail or you can call me during business hours (9 AM to 6 PM PST) to discuss your instrument's appraisal.